Nico van der Meulen Architects

Nico  van der Meulen Architects

The practice remains at the forefront of design by exploring new forms, pushing the boundaries and evolving with technology, without compromising on the authenticity of the design, aesthetics, materials and originality. 

Its carefully considered approach to design and commitment to meeting the requirements of individual clients has led to the practice gaining a reputation for creating luxurious, contemporary designs from the ground up, and transforming existing residences into innovative and extraordinary homes tailored to the tastes and needs of its clients.

Beautiful yet functional, all projects reiterate the practice’s approach to sustainable design which is grounded in passive design principles. Having worked on projects in environmentally sensitive areas such as Waterberg Biosphere and Brits Golf Course in South Africa, sustainability is more than a concept, but a standard that is regularly practiced.

The company lives and breathes the conviction of a total design philosophy, creating a seamless transition between the exterior and the interior, reducing the scale to the finer detail. This resulted in M Square Lifestyle Design and M Square Lifestyle Necessities being established in association with Nico van der Meulen Architects.  The combination of all three companies’ expertise inspires the architecture of living spaces.

M Square Lifestyle Design is an interior design practice creating bold and contemporary design solutions whilst M Square Lifestyle Necessities is an upmarket furniture and décor showroom with a selection of the finest imported furniture from design studios around the world.

The innovative architectural vision of the Nico van der Meulen brand is evident in the practice’s ability to continuously produce masterpieces of extraordinary architecture that is always personalized with the client’s lifestyle requirements.