Crema Design


by The Fold

The concept of the showroom is that of a gallery space. We did not allow anything to be placed on or against the walls. We also steered clear of room settings and placed one or two pieces of furniture per plinth at varying heights in four strict rows to impose an organisational rigidity and make the product feel like art on display. A decision was taken to not allow individual branding anywhere so as not to detract from pieces on show or the space around them. In an attempt to impose a high level of customisation, everything was custom-desinged and made from the desks to the door handles. As the space was originally a warehouse, the new super-slick finish of the white walls and undulating ceiling sits in contrast to the existing and worn screed floors, which were left as they were found as a palimpsest of the building’s previous life. The ornate plaster detailing of the Georgian exterior of the building was meticulously restored and large panes of glass inserted to allow for generous shop-window displays with specialised architectural lighting.

Images by Frank Nash Photography