Motshegofadiwa Primary, Hammanskraal Competitions

Motshegofadiwa Primary, Hammanskraal

Our school adoption strategy: 1. Engage the community 2. Design a vision framework and maintenance plan 3. Execute phased implementation of the kits of parts - structure, shelter and enclosure

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Delft Exchange Towers Competitions

Delft Exchange Towers

With a considerable lack of public space in South Africa’s low-income living environments, Delft Exchange Towers use private investment architecture as a means to provide shared public space.

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School Out of the Box Competitions

School Out of the Box

School out of the box is a conceptual proposal for provisioning critical support infrastructure for under-resourced schools in rural South Africa.

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Olievenhoutbosch Mingha Jane Furse HIV/TB Clinics Competitions

Olievenhoutbosch Mingha Jane Furse HIV/TB Clinics

Three HIV/TB Clinics in three different locations in the country within three months, constructed from shipping containers retrofitted and outfitted off site.

by Social Gain

Vele Secondary School Competitions

Vele Secondary School

A new secondary school built with local skills and materials and using innovative technologies is a vibrant hub at the centre of a remote rural community

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Parasite unit Competitions

Parasite unit

The parasite unit is a small multi-functional structure that can be placed anywhere and used for almost anything.

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Diepsloot with HOPE Competitions

Diepsloot with HOPE

The transformation of a township form fearful, dreamless, hopeless community to an educated, skillful, hard working, future planning, hopeful community!

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SOS Children´s Village in Tadjourah, Djibouti Competitions

SOS Children´s Village in Tadjourah, Djibouti

A medina for children designed according to the extreme weather conditions, providing shades and ventilation with pedestrian streets that open themselves creating squares for children to play.

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Vukuzakhe Competitions


Vukuzakhe is a research project looking into developing systems for the delivery of an alternative building typology.

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Sol Plaatje University Competitions

Sol Plaatje University

Sol Plaatje University showcases the competition work for a new university in the Northern Cape. The design for a new University in the Northern Cape was undertaken as a two stage design competition open to architects registered in South Africa. The winners of the competition were awarded the commission for various components of the new campus located in Kimberley in the Northern Cape.

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